Frequently Asked Questions


What modes of freight transportation does Straightline offer?

Straightline currently offers truckload service only.

How do I sign up?

Click "Sign Up" above, enter the required information, accept the Terms of Service, and submit the form. You will immediately receive an e-mail to verify your account.

How do I get a quote?

Click on the "New Shipment" button on the dashboard page, enter the basic shipment details, and click "Request Quote". An instant quote will appear.

How long are quotes valid?

Quotes expire as soon as a user navigates away from the "Request a Quote" page.

How do I book a load?

After you receive your instant quote and agree to the rate, click "Request A Truck".

What happens after I request a truck?

The Straightline algorithm will match your truckload shipment to a nearby empty truck. You can view the shipment status at all times.

What shipment information does Straightline require?

After requesting a load Straightline requires a pick-up & delivery contact, load weight, shipment reference or pick-up number, and any special instructions such as "This shipment requires 2 load bars." or "Back the trailer into Dock Door #26". Please feel free to add any relevant load information into the free-form Special Instructions field.

Do I have real-time visibility of my shipments in Straightline?

You will have real-time visibility to status changes inside the Straightline app, and when drivers utilize the Straightline Carrier Phone App you will have real-time, location visibility to your shipment.

How do I pay for my truckload shipment?

Straightline provides shippers with the ability to pay by credit card, ACH debit, or check. Shippers can link a credit card or ACH bank acount to their Straightline profile.

How many loads can I book at any time within Straightline?

As many as you like.

What types of truckloads does Straightline accept?

Currently, Straightline accepts 53' Van, 53' Reefer, and 48'-53' Flatbed shipments.

Does Straightline accept hazmat loads?

Straightline currently does not accept hazmat loads.

Can I ship my household goods or personal effects with Straightline?

No, Straightline provides truckload service for commercial business only.

How do I contact Straightline?

E-mail [email protected]

How does Straightline select carriers?

Straightline rigorously reviews potential Motor Carrier partners through a proprietary vetting process. Straightline analyzes carrier FMCSA registrations, business, safety, and liability & cargo insurance information. After a carrier has met Straightline's business requirements they are allowed to haul for Straightline.

How far in advance can I book a truckload shipment?

Up to 30 days in advance.

What is Straightline's fee for accessorial charges such as detention, Truck Ordered Not Used, or Layover?

Visit the Straightline Standardized Accessorial Charges page.

Do I need the Straightline app to book a load?

Shippers & carriers must sign up for a Straightline account in order to book & accept loads.

Do I have to upload any documents in the app?

Shippers are not required to upload any documentation. However, shippers must provide the driver with a valid Bill of Lading per FMCSA requlations upon pick-up of the load.